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TPA Students



"I did the 10 dollars challenge which jd mentioned in the videos and by doing that it has changed my perspective over trading i got to learn soo much from those 10 dollars. And as jd said if you can grow small account to big you can handle big account to even bigger.I am so lucky to get a mentor like you. 💯"



"Im only getting better, thanks to you for the knowledge and help, the courses i'm really enjoying it gonna wait next week to start with what i've learned so far.



"I was having red months before your course but now after your course you changed my perspective of trading completely. You made trading so simple and clear for me. I cant put it in words. Just wanted to tell you you are the best mentor i ever met. Your Course and support made me trade on my own and be profitable."



"You know youre the goat, you can read price and charts straight too, not a lot of people talk about reading price strength for real.



"The videos you posted about ur analysis are probably the most informative and helpful’ its called markup. All of them helped but markup was the one where you basically implemented all of the ideas from the previous vids into one to show the analysis and how to set up the trade. Very eye opening."

Meet Jahdee

At 13

I had noticed that I lived in a poor environment, no one had the luxuries that they would like to have, and people complained daily. This lifestyle and mindset rubbed off on me which didn't help when battling with depression. Having nothing makes it seem easy to give up, however, I then decided I may as well try to see how far I could get in life instead. I realized I needed to not follow the people in my surroundings. I chose to change my situation to a healthy environment. An environment where people may access the luxuries they want without feeling as though things were kept from them. An environment where people give thanks for the things they have.

At 15

I found an interest in money. I spent the next year researching suitable high paying jobs, that might make the most money in the shortest amount of time so that I can have the freedom to spend my time how I wanted; however, during my research I found all these jobs that were tied to prolonged physical hours spent working, that was not something I wanted.

At 16

I began trading stocks because I thought investments would acquire the most money in the least amount of time. My father had funded a trading account with $20,000 in an attempt to teach me something about investing. Unknowingly to my father, I had earned about $15,000 in profit over the course of the next year. By March 2015, age 17, I had begun trading forex instead of stocks.

At 21

Realizing the personality that I had, I disliked rules and authority and that is partly why I didn't do well in any of my schooling or in keeping a long-term job. Since dropping out of high school, I had failed at forex trading while working different out-of-field jobs for 2 years. However, it was not my technique that had caused me to fail, it was in fact, my mindset. There were many things I did not understand, for example, losses will happen no matter what. My confidence and lack of patience were also hindering factors.

At 23

I am grateful I started trading forex!🙇